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Bulletin: Emma Straub OC’02 to read at Oberlin

2 May

The Creative Writing Department recently announced they will be hosting a reading by alum Emma Straub, who is the author of several articles of nonfiction, short stories appearing in numerous literary magazines, and most recently, The Other People We Married, a collection of short stories.  Straub will read from her new collection from 4:45 to roughly 6pm on Thursday, May 5th (my birthday…) in Wilder 101.

Alex Shephard (also an OC alum) interviewed Straub over at full-stop.net, which I should have included in this week’s words of the week!

Happy May!


Just Hang in There…

24 Mar

After writing the worst paper of my life last night (a physics paper–something is inherently wrong with this concept, and I decided to ditch the project in favor of solving an actual mathematical problem, which suggests how desperate I am at this point for Spring Break).


(which means it’s still midterms, ugh).

Ok so apparently my sleep-deprived brain is incapable of constructing paragraphs longer than a single sentence, which is always a bad sign.  Although, who am I kidding–I really don’t have that much work.  Physics problem, Geology exam, 35 pages and an article due after break, no sweat.

And now I’ve forgotten the point of this post, but I think it has something to do with The Review’s Journalism Symposium scheduled for April 7th and 8th.  Pretty much everyone on the agenda (or everyone, I just am too lazy at this moment to check) is an OC Alum, so expect a lot of coverage and new content surrounding this event.  For some reason I thought the 7th and 8th were much more distant dates than they actually are, which means I ought to e-mail some of these people and try to get interviews with them.  Hmm, now that’s an idea.

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Bulletin: Friday Deadlines 03/25

23 Mar

This coming friday marks the deadline for submissions to the forthcoming issue of the Plum Creek Review.  They accept poetry, prose, and prose-poetry, in addition to art and drama.  From browsing their past issues they seem to lean heavily towards shorter works (i.e. poetry and prose poetry).  Those looking to publish longer fiction might submit something to the newly formed Panoply Press, which is an online literary supplement to the Oberlin Review.  This infant publication needs some help getting off the ground and is also open to submissions to community members or faculty, not just students.

Friday is also the deadline for senior creative writing majors and concentrations and minors to submit something to the senior anthology.  The information regarding submissions is listed below (copied from the creative writing department website. 

Prose Guidelines
Short fiction, creative non-fiction, novella/novel excerpt, or translation. Submit 1-20 pages. Authors of lengthy submissions may be requested to excerpt work.

Poetry Guidelines
3-5 poems or translations of poems

We will also be accepting play, screenplay, and graphic novel excerpts, following the same guidelines as prose submissions. In addition to manuscripts, please submit a brief (3-5 sentence) author bio and optional author photo. Authors should feel free to submit works from multiple categories.

Digital submissions can be sent to crwr.anthology@gmail.com.

I’m hoping to read some exciting student work in the coming weeks of the semester, both in the anthology and PCR.

3 days till spring break!  Woohoo!

Bulletin Board: Contests, Deadlines, and Reminders

5 Mar

March at Oberlin means three things. (1) Spring Break. (2) Midterms. and (3) forgetting writing deadlines because of the mad rush towards (1) and (2).

Here’s what’s coming up this month:

March 21–the creative writing department has announced this as the deadline for submissions to their annual Spring Writing Contests.  The deadline is noon at the creative writing house.  Winners to be announced in April.  Prizes range from $1,000 (one of the poetry winners) to $100 (everybody else).  I’m really kicking myself that I never took to poetry now.

March 25–the submission deadline for the Plum Creek Review.

March 31–deadline for submissions to the New York Times’ Modern Love College Essay Contest.  Winning author can receive $1,000.  If you’re doing something fun (aka expensive) for spring break, you might consider…

❤ Ariel