OCbooklove is a blog dedicated to Oberlin College’s written arts–to the prose, poetry, drama, journalism, essays, and miscellany produced by the community’s students, faculty, and alumni.

Oberlin College is an undergraduate institution of aproximately 2,800 students studying in 47 majors ranging from Politics to Neuroscience to Creative Writing to German.  There are 22 sports teams (varsity, intramural, and club) and over 200 student organizations.  Oberlin’s Conservatory of Music is one of the best in the world.

I am a third year undergraduate student at Oberlin, studying Creative Writing with minors in English and Rhetoric and Composition.  With everything I am involved in on campus (playing tennis, writing for the sports section of the campus paper, trying not to freeze, etc) I realized that I actually spent very little time engaging with the writing culture the college has to offer.  What a missed opportunity!  Despite it’s small size, Oberlin possesses an array of talented faculty, students, alumni, and visiting guests who themselves represent a broad range of voices and interests.  This blog is an attempt on my behalf to celebrate the Oberlin writing community. 

Posts will be bi-weekly (sometimes more) and will include reviews of campus publications, interviews with visiting authors, faculty, and notable students, commentary on larger trends in the writing world as they apply to the liberal arts writing experience, and my own musings as I attempt to navigate the difficult processes of figuring out what to do with my life post creative writing major (aka…after the party ends).

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions of possible topics or any relevant or updated information regarding oberlin or its publications.

❤ Ariel

Contact: alewis@oberlin.edu


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