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Welcome back to the OC

25 Aug

Wow–can we all agree that this summer has just flown by?  I’ve been back on campus for exactly two weeks now, working a job moving furniture for our ResEd department, settling into my house, and trying to get organized for the start of my senior year.  Pretty crazy stuff! 

I’d like to officially welcome myself back to blogging, and to officially welcome you all back as my readers.  I’m not sure how the shape and nature of this blog will change as my habits and interests develop this year, but you can expect a lot more content regarding CRWR MFAs and that process, as I’ll be applying this fall.  How stressful!  In the mean time, let’s all do crafts and forget about our educations 🙂

Over the summer I spent a month studying literature in Greece, which was an incredible experience.  You can read about my journey on the blog I kept during that time here.

Well, I’ve got to get back to tackling my “HUGE LIST OF THINGS TO DO”, which of course includes brainstorming new post ideas!