A Nice Idea…or maybe just not enough sleep.

21 Feb

Hi, my name is Ariel and I’m the mind behind OCbooklove.

I’m a third year creative writing major at a Oberlin College, which is just outside Cleveland.  I write primarily fiction, but I’ve taken a lot of courses in nonfiction lately so that’s becoming an interest too.  I also write articles for the sports section of our campus paper.  I’m hoping that someday writing will pay my bills, but until then (read as, until I actually have bills) I’m focusing on surviving my last year and a half of undergrad so I can move on to bigger and better things (chiefly…sunnier places!).  I’m originally from California and from a large family (4 kids) so moving away was a difficult but needed transition.

I also play tennis–have been playing since I was a little kid–and am captain of my college team.  Uhhh what else?  I love welsh corgis…if you give me a puppy I will love you forever!  My favorite color is green, I like guinea pigs (pretty much any and all cute animals…oh and babies!), and books!  How could I forget books!?

Books sparked my love for writing, because long before I ever wrote my first short story, I was an avid reader.  As a child I had a couple of distinct phases–I loved the Nancy Drew series for a while, and in middle school I was a hardcore fantasy/scifi fan.  Now I’d like to think my tastes are a little more refined, but I’ll read anything (I read Twilight…and New Moon…And Eclipse…AND horror of all horrors Breaking Dawn).  Sports books, books on writing, books on cooking, life, memoirs, fiction pieces…I simply love to read.

Which brings me to OCbooklove.  I came to the realization that studying at a liberal arts school means there’s a lot of other book-loving folk like me around…and a lot of other writers too.  I also came to the realization that I really haven’t read much of what my peers have written.  That’s a little odd, and a little sad, isn’t it? 

SO, the point being…

I thought, it would be interesting to try and capture the written-arts culture of Oberlin College in a single place–to write about the work professors and students are creating, to chronicle readings by visiting authors, to write about alumni, to consider the topics that move this campus and its writers.  In a nutshell, I want to celebrate and to share the excellence and diversity of Oberlin’s distinct voice.

❤ Ariel


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